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Bullfrog #4

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

A delicious recipe for Bullfrog #4, with Sprite® soda, vodka, Kool-Aid® Orange mix and Kool-Aid® Cherry mix. Also lists similar drink recipes.

Bullfrog #4 Ingredients

2 liters bottle Sprite® soda
3 oz vodka
1 package Kool-Aid® Orange mix
1 package Kool-Aid® Cherry mix


An Orgy of Liquors

Friday, April 10th, 2015

A delicious recipe for An Orgy of Liquors, with Sprite® soda, tequila, Hpnotiq® liqueur, lemon juice, strawberries, pineapple, Hawaiian punch, Smirnoff® vodka, melon liqueur, pineapple juice and grapes. Also lists similar drink rec

An Orgy of Liquors Ingredients

3 liters Sprite® soda
15 oz tequila
10 oz Hpnotiq® liqueur
3 oz lemon juice
2 cups frozen, sliced strawberries
4 cups pineapple chunks
2 liters Hawaiian punch
10 oz Smirnoff® vodka
10 oz melon liqueur
5 oz pineapple juice
3 cups green grapes


Shirley Temple #3

Monday, April 5th, 2010

A delicious recipe for Shirley Temple #3, with Sprite® soda and grenadine syrup. Also lists similar drink recipes.

Shirley Temple #3 Ingredients

7 oz Sprite® soda
1 oz grenadine syrup