Cocktail Mixing – A Short Guide for the Beginners

If you want to improve your skills into cocktail mixing, even if you are a beginner into bartending or you simply want to learn how to do it properly, then here are some useful guidelines to help you achieve this goal:

  • First of all you need to get the right equipment to assist you with cocktail mixing. For this you will need: shaker (stainless steel glass is the right one), a jigger (for measuring the ingredients), juicer, muddler, a mixing spoon (the one with a long tail), a sharp knife for slicing the fruits), and a fine mesh strainer. You may also need in time a grater for chocolate and nutmeg toppings.
  • You must know how to properly balance the drinks when doing cocktail mixings, such as martini and gin are combined since one is weak and the other is strong. It is also important to get the right proportions of the additional flavors such as sweet and sour as it is with sugar and lemon.

    It is also the best to have someone willing to test your cocktail mixing and once you make the classical ones you know that you can get testers around you to taste your mixings. As aforementioned, go with the classical cocktails such as Daiquiri, Highball, Bloody Mary, Mojito, Margarita, Pina Colada as well as others that are found as the favorite in the nearby bars and clubs.

  • When you are done with these cocktail mixings, you should give it a try to the tropical and much fancier cocktails whose recipes can be found online but also in various guide books. It is important to focus on those tropical fruits that are found on the market and the ones that go with the season.
  • If you want to create your own cocktail mixing recipe, you must know how to have the ingredients introduced. Start with the sweet, add sour, pour in the weak alcohol, and then the strong one. In this way you have the right balance of a cocktail while not forgetting as well the ice.

    It is essential that you know how much ice you put inside the cocktail glass, because you wouldn’t ant for this one to leave the drink tasteless when it reaches the final drops at the bottom of the glass. If you work as a bartender, the presence of too much ice in the drinks will only chase your clients away, so again you have to pay attention to this element when presenting your cocktail to the drinker.

  • Last, but nit the least, the presentation of your cocktail glass matters a lot. Look for various styles of decorating the cocktail mixing drinks and always ensure that you add those elements that go with the flavor and taste of the drink. For instance, Martini goes perfectly with green olives, and it is better served without ice. The glass temperature is also important: do not serve the cocktail into a freshly washed glass, but always allow it to get chilled prior to pouring the cocktail.

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