How to Choose the Right Champagne Bottle

Choosing the right champagne bottle can be quite a task for anyone given the importance of this type of beverage. Champagne is that sparkling wine produced in Champagne region of France with a special flavor that makes this fizzy drink unique among all other types of wines. It is important to know that many people use this name to define any sparkling wine, but it is wrong to assume that any wine that is produced as a sparkling wine has anything to do with champagne.

Now when it comes to choosing the right champagne bottle, you may be intrigued by those large bottles that sport teams make use of to celebrate a victory. Maybe you would think that it is definitely a waste of this precious beverage when being sprayed all over the audience, but this is a habit that has existed since the 16th century in France when nobility used to offer this beverage as a gift to foreign kings.

But how can you choose the right champagne bottle, knowing that many of these bottles copy the format of bottle that is so specific to this beverage? It is important that you pay attention to each and every detail. For instance vintage champagne is known as the one produced from the grapes harvested during a specific year that is also known as the best year. As a result the bottle will have that year mentioned on its label.

It is also important to decide which type of champagne you want to choose, from very dry to very sweet. At this point you need to understand that the type of this beverage is given by the amount of sugar added in the producing of the champagne. So when you choose the right champagne bottle, ensure that you know which taste you prefer the most. If you go with dry it means that there is no sugar added to the process, as to the sweet taste, this can range on different levels of sweetness, from 0% – 0.65%sugar (extra brut) to more than 5% sugar (doux).

Another factor that will matter in the choice of the right champagne bottle is your available budget. If you have to purchase many of these bottles for a bigger event and you are somehow limited with the beverage money, you should opt for a cheaper version that ranges between $5 and $25. But if you plan on celebrating an event in a more intimate atmosphere and truly want something special, you can take out of you’re a few hundreds of bucks and pay for an exclusive brand of champagne.

It is also important to take into account the size of the champagne bottle, since it comes in various sizes with the smallest of 125ml and the biggest being of 3 l or even more.

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