How to Enjoy Your Bottle of Wine

Yes, wine is definitely that beverage bringing a lot f joy to your soul and mind. Many gatherings are usually served with this beverage because it can be enjoyed by both beer drinkers and strong alcohol drinkers. Even those people who are not used to drinking alcohol can always be tempted to drink a glass of wine that goes perfectly with the menu they are having. So you don’t have to turn into an inveterate drinker if every once in a while you open a bottle of wine and savor it in the presence of your friends.

But in order to have a great wine drinking experience that allows you to enjoy its taste at its fullest, make sure that you do the following:

  • Don’t get stressed over opening the bottle of wine. As a person who is not very familiar with opening these bottles, you should always make use of a bottle opener that is specially created for this purpose. Some people would experience hardship even with this type of opener. If a cork screw takes out the clumsiness in you managing for too many times to break the cork inside prior to having it completely removed, then have the best shot with a cork pop instead. It is always much faster and provides a guaranteed complete removal of the cork.
  • When tasting your wine you can have a great experience regardless how much you have spent on the bottle. You can have a great taste for that $10 a bottle if you know how to drink it. There are three important aspects that can confer the wine its special aroma: temperature, aeration and glassware. For the temperature it is always recommended to keep the bottle for several minutes in the freezer only to confer the chill of a wine cellar.

    Once you have removed the bottle form there you should take care of the aeration. This can be done by pouring the bottle content into a glass pitcher. When it comes to glassware, you have to focus on using the right type of glass for the wine. Before you drink it you can easily swirl the glass content for more aeration allowing the wine flavor to rise to the glass rim from where you sip it with pleasure.

  • Supposing that there is some more wine left in the bottle as you haven’t drunk it all up. You will want to know how you can preserve the wine for the next week end. In this case, you can simply wash a beer bottle (the one with screw caps) and simply pour the remaining of the content in this bottle. The cap can seal better the wine inside and thus you will have fresh wine for the following week end.

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