How to Get Started in Bartending

Yes, there are many enticing aspects that turn bartending into a desired job and why shouldn’t it be? Maybe it is not the salary that attracts you but the tips one can earn in an ambiance where everybody has fun and socializes on a musical background. Well, these are indeed aspects that can be seen from afar, but if you get a little bit closer you will understand that bartending is not such bliss.

You will have to work on shifts, each of these shifts ends late in night and you can not call it closing hour until you are done with cleaning and leaving the place spotless for the next day. More than this, there are all sorts of uncomfortable situations with which you need to confront and it can be quite hard to deal with all by yourself. People who have drunk too much and start yelling at you; others start being rude and make a lot of mess around. So, things are not that ‘pink’ in the bartending position.

But if you think that you’ve got what it takes and you are ready to confront with all the pros and cons of bartending then maybe you want to know what it takes for you to become a bartender. First of all you need to be aware of the fact that there are many types of cocktails and beverages you need to be familiar with. Beside this, bartending requires the skills and experience prior to finding a good location for your unfolding your skills.

However, if you want to know what is there to do to become a bartender, then you have several options:

  • To enroll in any of the bartender courses where you will learn about drink recipes and get experience that is needed into mixing beverages. As mentioned above you need to know by heart the beverages and any cocktail recipe because you wouldn’t want to inspect the guidebook each time you were ordered for a specific drink. Another benefit that you can get from these courses is to get certified into Techniques in Alcohol Management – TAM – where you get instructed into how to act professionally while having a moral conduct with drink serving. It is not that every prospective bartender is required to be TAM certified upon job application, but there are cities where one is required to have this certification.

    Before enrolling in any of the available schools, it is important that you check first with the background of the school because some of them may be quite good while others might not worth paying your money on.

  • Another option that can get you into bartending, in case you are not comfortable with taking classes, or you simply can not afford paying for them, is to get a job as a barback. This is a job position that allows you work as a right hand of a bartender. Your tasks will be to restock glasses, to clean them, to chop the garnishes, and always have the products brought in front from the back store. It is a good way to get started with bartending because you have the chance to learn the ins and outs of this job, but also do not forget to repeat at home the drink recipes to always have them fresh in your mind.

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