Working as a Bartender – How Much Can I Make?

If you want to find a job as a bartender and you are pretty well qualified into this, then chances are that you can make quite a good earning per month, not necessarily from the monthly paycheck, but also from the tips you get per shift.

So, it can be rather hard to say exactly how much a bartender earns, giving the fact that there are several factors to add up to this statement. However, it is worth taking a closer look at each of these perspectives and have an average evaluation of how much one can earn in this job position.

  • The salary that bartenders usually get is between $8 and $12 per hour. It goes without saying that the hourly pay is calculated in accordance to the state and minimum wage laws, this is why we can only give a range of these hourly rates just to have a larger perspective on how much one can earn. But we can not simply stop here without taking into account the tips that a bartender can as well make.
  • The tips that you can get as a bartender will always depend on various factors: your experience, the location of the bar, and how long your shift is. It may come as a surprise to you, but some bars do not pay too much as a salary simply because it is known that the tips bartenders make are more working day. For instance, in a good location where bars are always crowded, a skilled bartender can earn up to $300 per shift. It is not that bad for a working day supposing that one shift is of 12 hours and the pay is $8 per hour, right? The salary for that day will be $96 while the tip received is more than triple!

    There are as well various locations where bartenders can make even more in tips anywhere between $400 and $600, especially when they attend various events such as ceremonies, weddings, corporate parties, and so on.

  • The annual wages for a bartender is usually between $20,000 and $30,000, which is not that much, but it is important to understand here that everything comes mostly from the tips and this is why many people are looking towards obtaining one such job position. It is always important to realize that as a newbie you can not make that much from the first months unless you have the chance to get hired in a locale which is very populated and has a high end clientele. But most of the times, these locales will only hire experienced bartenders, so it is inevitable that you have to start from somewhere before you get that experience and good references for getting a job as a bartender in any of the high end locales.

Once you are there, then you can hope to make at least $45,000 per year income and throughout time you can only hope that this amount will rise up to $70,000 if not even more.

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